After a working life as an 'Identity Consultant' to large brands and  businesses, I'm now focussed on understanding my own identity by photographing the people and places of New Zealand.

Over the past few years I've accosted people on the street for their  portrait; tracked down illustrious and contentious Kiwis; toured prisons to photograph serious offenders and gang members; traversed every part of our islands and their coastline - from Cape Reinga at the top, to Stewart Island at the bottom; and over the past two years I've been working with and photographing terminal cancer patients.

I've had series of portraits exhibited at FHE Galleries and the Gus Fisher Gallery in Auckland and featured at LA Photo Independent in Los Angeles and am enormously flattered to have had my work purchased by collectors in New Zealand, Australia, China, the US and Russia.

Right now, I'm working on a series of youth at the troubled end of our society (one of the great failings of this country) and a series called 'The Silence' featuring Kiwi war veterans of all ages (from WW2 to Iraq) in honor of my Grandfather, his service in WW1, and his steadfast refusal to talk of and glorify war.

And on the subject of capturing and learning from episodes in our history, I've just returned from a tour along the US/Mexican border to see for myself the truth and travesty of a "Big Beautiful Wall".

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"
Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Hip Hop artist Tiki Taane - Love Hurts

Hip Hop artist Tiki Taane - Love Hurts