To coincide with the launch of Michael Bennett's book on the Teina Pora case that saw a man wrongfully imprisoned for 22 years, Mana Magazine ran a cover story on Teina and his progress. Like the photos I took of Teina, they saw his story as very much one of a journey from troubled childhood to enlightened adulthood; from some very dark places to a somewhere he could lead a peaceful existence; a journey not yet certain. So they used three of my portraits.

I spoke to Teina at the book launch and he's now living with family in Taranaki after a difficult post-prison acclimatization in Auckland. He looks well, is enjoying the country life and is positive about his future. He has many friends that have his back - Fete and Viv especially - and goodness knows he needs them. But here's hoping we also have a society that supports him with the patience required for a person that has to learn how to live and work in the community for the first time as an adult.