Moana 1   “Her face was like a map to a secret place”
 Moana 2    “I wanted to run my fingers over the grooves”
 Moana 3   “We look forward to the challenges as Maori, and as women”
 Teina 1   Victim of injustice, or just a rat-bag from South Auckland?
 Teina 2   “The first 11 years of prison were the hardest”
 Teina 3   Free now, but still living with a sentence that can’t be overturned.
 Tiki 1   “Am I Maori enough… or too Maori?”
 Tiki 2   Scratching at the surface with music and tattoos
 Tiki 3   “If I survived growing up in the Pakeha world, I can survive anywhere”
 Tiki and the Tears of Things   The tears of things, though they break a person’s heart, do not deprive a person of the will to live or a sense of moral courage.     The sadness of things does not breed morbid pessimism or cold indifference, but deepens a person’s moral awareness and sensitizes the heart.    Virgil
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